•  Do I need to wear a helmet?

    Yes a bicycle helmet is required for your safety and is provided for you.

  • Are there seatbelts on the Tuk Tuk?

    Yes, there are seatbelts for up to 4 passengers and handrails for your safety.

  • Is the TUk Tuk fast/powerful?

    The Tuk Tuk has plenty of power to motor around the island utilizing a 150cc engine.

  • Is there insurance coverage if we get in an accident?

    In the unlikely event of an accident there is insurance coverage for our passengers.

  • Is there a weight restriction?

    There is a maximum weight restriction of 800 lbs total.

  • How many people can be on one Tuk Tuk Tour?

    Each Tuk Tuk Tour can hold up to four people.

  • Is it safe for children?

    The Tuk Tuk is safe for children but they must be in their own seat with a seatbelt and helmet.

  • Is there an age restriction?

    The Tuk Tuk is not appropriate for babies or toddlers that require a car seat,so minimum age requirement is 3 or 4 years old depending on their size.

  • Do babies require a car seat?

    Babies are not suitable as passengers on the Tuk Tuk

  • Are tours available every day?

    Yes Tuk Tuk Tours are available every day of the year except for Good Friday,Easter Sunday and Christmas Day