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Tuk tuk tours are a popular and uniques way to explore the beautiful island of bermuda.These small, three wheeled vehicles are a fun way to navigate the narrows streets and winding roads of the island, while taking in the breathtaking and rich history of Bermuda.
During a tuk tuk tour, visitors and locals can expect to see some of the most iconic landmarks and attractions on the island, such as the historic towne of St. George’s, the beautiful beaches of Horseshoe bay and Elbow Beach, and the colorful architecture of hamilton, the capital city.
The tours are led by knowledgeable and friendly local guides who share interesting insights and stories about the island’s rich cultural heritage and history. They will point out hidden gems and provide insider tips on the best places to eat, drink and shop, making the tour not only informative but also entertaining.
The tuk tuks are open-air, allowing passengers to fully immerse themselves in the island’s natural beauty and each vehicle can accommodate up to 4 passengers. Tours can range from 2 hours to a full day, depending on the itinerary, and can be customized to suit the interest and preferences of the passengers.
Overall, tuk tuk tours are a fun, efficient and unforgettable way to explore Bermuda’s unique culture, natural beauty and rich history. Book one of our tours today.

Our tours are designed to be fun and flexible, creating moments and making memories that you will cherish for a lifetime. Our Tuk Riders primary purpose is to ensure that you have the time of your life in a safe and unique Tuk Tuk vehicle.

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